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My 1st Official Customer

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Just wanted to show you pics of my 1st official customer... her name is Starr! She purchased the Daisy Harness Dress & Matching Leash!

She is such a cutie and the same age as my Mia!!
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waauw the dress fits her perfectly !! she's a real cutie too :wink:

kisses nat
Wiow briliant I diodnt know you could make matching leashes too :lol:
Oh she looks fabulous in that dress. Excellent job and pretty model.
Wow that is fantastic!! I can't wait to get Minka so I can order stuff from you!! :D :D
Thanks guys!! Yes, I can make a matching leash to any of the outfits.

Oh, I would love to make an outfit for Minka!! She is just tooo cute.

Here are 3 outfits that have I have made matching leashes for - so far!
Youve come on in leaps and bounds, i love the black and pink one, well done and good luck with your business. :)
wow they are such top quality - are they safe enough for a 7 pound chi to have a walk on - how do they fasten - is it velcro and will that hold ?

many thanks

alsio do you do them for boys :wave:
The girl outfits I have made have been for smaller dogs and they have Velcro. Mia is 4-5 lbs and it holds great. I have used snaps for the boy outfits, and would use snaps for dogs over 6 lbs.

I have made one outfit so far for a boy (and I used snaps - even though it is a small size - just thought it was nicer for a boy). I have some more boy material - I just haven't made them yet. Here is a pic of the one I have made and samples of the other material.
Oh, and THANKS for all the compliments!!! I have really tried to make them better h time!! :wave:
i just might have to be a customer of yours....... but first let me find another job eeek :shock:
WOW this is exciting! Once Lex is big enough I'm going to have to let you begin his wardrobe! hehe! :D :D
:hello1: :wave: :lol: Too COOOOOOL!!!! :hippy2: :laughing6: :hello2:
You've definately got great talent! Zeus is 10 pounds and I have a really hard time finding sweaters/Tshirts for him. It's also much harder to find male dog outfits then female. Why can't the males sport a style too?? :)
Poor Zeus!! I have made an outfit for a 12 lb. Min Pin! It was the blue camo. - I will have to try & get pics of him for you. I do have some boy material. I need to make some more up!! :wink:
I'd love to see some pictures! I'll be in contact and you can talk me through how to get measurements. Thanks! :)
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