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Does the pure-ness of the puppies matter to you? Because if you don't know for sure if your dog is pure then the puppies could come out with some traits un-chihuahua like. They can be passed down even from older generations.

Someone wanted me to breed Mr. Peepers with their female chi and I didn't want to do it because of Mr. size and his ears don't stand. The ears not standing, I've read, is genetic. So there was a chance his babies ears wouldn't stand. He's got an almost perfect personality, so it was kinda tempting. I ended up getting him neutered.

Do you think you two would find good homes for the puppies? Is the mom larger too? Do you mind if the puppies turn out to be big like the daddy? That doesn't mean they will, but there is always a chance. Just some things to consider. :)
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