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I agree that this is very good information, and would add:
1. Get and read the contract before paying anything more than a small, token deposit.
2. Find your local kennel club, or go to shows to find out the reputation of a breeder. Sometimes it's hard to get strangers to give "specifics" but if several people answer "no" to the question "would you deal with ...... " then it would be safe to assume that there may be good reasons for this response, so consider carefully
3. Be wary of anyone who wants to meet you away from their home to show you a dog. Many breeders will not allow just anyone into their kennel area, and for good reason, but most all will allow you to see a dog at their home.

Always remember that there are bad buyers as well as bad breeders, so if you seem to get a cold shoulder from some breeders, then understand that most really just want to come to know you well enought for them to feel good about placing one of their dogs into your care. So if you care enough about the quality of a dog to look for a good breeder, rather than in the ads in the paper, be prepared to allow a breeder to come to know you and the environment you would give to one of their dogs.

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