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My 3 Babies!!

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Aww, the looked so cute sitting together.... just had to snap a pic!! LOL
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aww that pic is so sweet !! you have three lovely babies ,Traci :wave:

kisses nat
They're adorable ... but I'm just wondering ... is the big dog the Chi's bodyguard or is it the other way around? :D
LMAO - Cooper - I think Xena is Zadie's Body Guard... LOL When Zadie starts to play with her - Xena starts barking at her.... and Zadie backs down!!! Too funny!
Oh, how cute! Aren't they just adorable. My Golden is the same, he backs right down. lol
they look like great pals
Such a beautiful family... they look great all together like that.
you have beautiful babies :D

Zadie looks like she has seen it all a million times before, and is thinking, uh oh, here we go again!! totally adorable :)
What an absolutely delightful pic and they're all so beautiful. :)
that is the cutest pic ever :wave:
What a cool pic! Goldens are just the best, next to chi's of course. Lily adores my parents' golden but he's scared to even brush up against her. What is with those big, silly dogs? :lol: :lol:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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