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my baby jacob pic

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this is my baby jacob please help me to find him a girlfriend!
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Oh my goodness he is absolutely gorgeous, and exactly the kind of Chi I am looking for, would you mind telling me where you got him from please?

Thanks! :)
my baby

well i searched and searched for ages then a lady i knew had one left and this happened to be him he has just done his first show and won everything he my baby but i am desperatley seeking a little girl i can find boys everywhere and would love one but i already have two boys the search is soooooo hard!!! hope you find your baby!
Hello again.

I have just sent you an email (before I saw this) I wonderd if you had more accurate details of the lady you got Jacob from, and whether she would be breeding any more?
What a cutie. Good luck on finding him a girlfriend.
Eeeee! He's so handsome!!! Simply adorable!! :love4: :love7: :love4: :love7: :love4: :love7:
If getting him a girlfriend was based on his looks it would not be a problem. :lol: Good luck finding a girlfriend for him :wave:
jacobs girlfrind

this maybe jacobs new girlfriend what do you all think? what shall i call her i get her saturday
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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