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My baby Libby!!

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Well we have shortened her name from Liberty to Libby. She is a whooping 5oz at 5 weeks old :shock: I am so I love with this little squirt! :)

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awwwwwwww lori she is soooooooooooo sweet and soo tiny i bet you are over the moon with her she is a very pretty chi id be soo worried about treding on her its bad enough with ruby lol
Awww she's perfect!!! Are you keeping her?
oooohhhhh she's too cute for words!!!! All I can think about now is that old commercial for Libby's veggies... "Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the label, label, label... "

I'm probably dating myself but I don't care!! :lol:
omg i'm in love too ....... she's is suuuuper cute

kisses nat
Beautiful little tiny and fragile looking.
aww what a sweetheart
how adorable
OMG! She is beautiful, soo tiny! :D
she is adorable :lol:
ilovesadie said:
Awww she's perfect!!! Are you keeping her?
Yes she is just to to to small to give up. :wink:
She is just too gorgeous for words and the pic is really beautiful! :p
OMG Lori, I can see her now. She is Gorgeous!!!! WOW!!! Keep posting pics of her as she grows! :love4:
she is a angel, and a kisser too kiss kiss kiss kiss she is so funny! :lol:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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