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My baby Sugar

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This is Sugar today at 11 weeks old. I collect her in 2 weeks, cant wait!
Impossible to get a good photo cos she wont sit still!

With her sister
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Awww sugar is so sweet! :D
She is precious! The waiting has to be so hard!
Very cute puppy! My Leah was colored much like her at that age and eventually lost the masking on her face...she didn't have quite as much black right around the nose but my guess is your little one will fawn out as she ages too :)

Leah at 8 weeks...

Leah at 16 weeks

Leah at 18 weeks

21 weeks

6 months

Now! (1 year old)

Your little one is too cute and you will have a ball watching her grow up. They change SO much when they have that sabling :)
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Thanks everyone! The waiting is sooo hard it feels like its been ages, cant wait to pick her up!
She's beautiful! I bet you just can't wait!

Kristi, I can't believe how much Leah has changed! I love her!
Thank u Flippedstars for posting ur pics, Leah is stunning, shes changed loads! Cant wait to see wat mine turns out like, i love that about sables!
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