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my chi is starting to bark..

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Hi everyone.

I have 2 chis one is a year old and the other one is 5 months old. my older chi doesn't bark at all so i don't really know how to react. My 5 month old chi is starting to bark.. he was pretty quiet up until this point and recently he would try to bark at me to get attention. For example, if I was using the computer he would bark at me from the play pen if he wanted to come out and play. I'm not sure if I should jus completely ignore him or if i should tell him no. because i don't want to react to it in a way that will encourage him to bark more. has this happened to anyone else? thanks!
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That almost sounds like "middle child syndrome"... you've got chi #1, who's already established and, I'm guessing isn't in the play pen when he is. Then there's him, stuck in there, watching everything going on and he wants to be part of the action. He may be bored in the playpen and would rather be with you or whoever's hanging out outside of his "prison cell" LOL

You may try giving him a kong to keep him busy and get his mind stimulated. Slap a little kibble and a treat in there... top it off with a smidge of peanut butter and you're good to go. I put green beans in Cooper's sometimes... he loves them and they're good for him. It's like giving a kid that loves puzzles a 10,000 piece puzzle to put together.

Other than that, maybe a new toy or something... when Cooper was little, I bought a bunch of cat toys at the pet store that were on sale .. cheapos that were easy to shred. I would give him two or three and keep the rest hidden then, a few days later, take the shredded ones and give him a new one. A little variety never hurt anyone! :D

Good luck!
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