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I've always believed that dogs, and some cats, can 'pre-empt' illness in their owners.
It's great that you got to hospital in time thanks to your little chi friend.

My son had a similar thing happen with his staff x pit bitch in October 2010.

She heard his lung pop while he was asleep and woke him up. Thankfully he lives just next door to us. He struggled to get to our door as he couldn't breath due to the lung collapsing. This was a 4.10am in the morning.
I had him at the hospital within 25 minutes.
Within 10 minutes of him getting to the hospital they had to do a surgical procedure without aenesthetic to save his life.

He had had a massive pnuemothorax in both lungs..........if it wasn't for Gem he would be dead now....that was what the surgeon said when they did major surgery to reinflate his lung and prevent it collapsing again.
Unfortunately during this procedure they also had to remove 2/3's of one of his lungs and he uses oxygen at home now although he was only 28 at the time!
The surgeon told him to give Gem 'a bloody great big steak' and spoil her from now on.......This is a dog that we seriously thought about euthanising as she is not trustworthy with children!

Dogs, oand other animals, are just amazing.
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