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My chihuahuas

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Angel mother in laws chi

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omg theyre lovely! What do you feed dewy... lol what an amazing shiny coat on that chi!!! :D
Thank you

Your dogs are cute as well. I feed all my dogs iams puppy food. see i just got a new boxer pup and she would only eat when she wanted to. so i could not feed them different food. The chi's would eat her food instead so i just fed all of them the same thing. I leave it out and they eat as they want. Dewy weighs 4.5 pounds, Dan is 10 pounds. Dixie we dont know what she weighs we have to take her back to vet for second shots. angel mother in laws dog weighs 4 pounds.
Where did you get...

Where did you guys make those cute photos that flash and have color on them. as signatures.
Re: Where did you get...

ChioxerMomma said:
Where did you guys make those cute photos that flash and have color on them. as signatures.
If you go to the siggy's forum & post what you would like, one of the talented people on this forum will be able to help I'm sure!

You've got gorgeous dogs by the way - I'm in love with Dewy! :D
your dogs are lovely , i love that pic of dewy so cute!! , looks like a little sealion in that pic :love7:
awww youe dogs are gorgeous and so shiny!
Dan reminds me of my aunt & uncle's chihuahua Chewie...he just weighs about 8 pounds. He's got a skinny stomach though....his big head must have most of the weight on it :D

We are not sure if dan is full chihuahua lots of people think he has fiest in him. who knows lol he thinks hes human anyways lol
dan is a tough lookin boy! but oh sooo cute hehe shh don't tell him i called him cute though he might bite me ;) dewy is so nice and shiny! all there colors compliment each other lol.
They are all three really cute, and their personality shines through! Dewey reminds me of a "seal" also. He is so shiny :wink:

love the bo tie cute pictures could you give me a link to where you made those pics i could not find it lastime. thanks again
They are all adorable! I love those names Dan and Dewy. hehe. :D
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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