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my daughter is chiwi's nurse *too cute warning*

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kylie is so worried about chiwi since her spay :) chiwi is doing a little better, she can wag her tail today without whinning and she is allowed to be coneless *for now* we'll see how long that lasts hehe....
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now that camera is making me really think these girls are more beautiful then ever....

I love those pictures...

They are so adorable together
so lifelike! i love this camera!

see how content she is after kylie loves on her :)
Poor little chiwi. I hope she feels better soon :)

Your daughter is just adorable too!
aww bless her what a cutie pie she is a great nurse :D
Ozzy&Lily'sMom said:
aww bless her what a cutie pie she is a great nurse :D
lol there's no job openings for someone with good "desk side manner" is there hehe....

thanks everyone :) kylie is very compassionate and loves animals so much. she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up :)
Your daughter is lovely...I hope chiwi feels better soon...she looks so much better after Kiley tended to her.
Poor Chiwi... at least we're getting some great photos of her though!

Your daughter is beautiful - and she looks like she's making a very good nurse for Chiwi. With her nursing skills, I'm sure Chiwi will be up and causing trouble in no time!
I am sure Chiwi must feel better after the attention from her adorable sweet nurse. I hope she feels even tons better tommorrow :wink:
Looks as if Chiwi is in good hands! They are both gorgeous little girls! You are very blessed! :) Your little daughter reminds me of mine when she was that age. The exact same hair color and the exact same complexion, and a incredible smile! :D
Too cute! Your daughter is beautiful. :)
Poor little Chiwi :( She looks like she is getting the best TLC. Your dd is a doll I love her hair.
How could Chiwi not recover quickly with such a competent and beautiful nurse? Chiwi knows she is loved. :)
Awwww,,, What a pretty little girl you have! :) Poor little chiwi,,,she still looks like she feels under the weather though. :( But with all that tender loving care, she'll be back to normal in no time! :)
Wow Mandy! :p I can see even more clearly now what a gorgeous daughter you have and Chiwi looks as adorable and cute as ever. What lovely, heartwarming pics, they are both so beautiful! :lol: Your daughter has an incredible smile, her whole face lights up! :p :wave:
thanks everyone :) i'm not telling kylie what you all are saying aobut her though, hehe she's already 5 going on 15!
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