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luv4mygirls said:
xx-nathalie-xx said:
you have to enter kylie in model competitions !!!! she looks like an oilily kid to me :D do you now that brand in the US ?

kisses nat
i don't know that brand here...... but (and here comes the bad mommy)

i won't put her in modeling. she's already got the attitude that she is the most beautiful girl in the world so her self esteem is fine. and her grandparents always tell her how pretty she is. i said it one time to her (some may remember the post she was nervous about messing up in dance class or something and i said it's ok if you mess up you'll be the prettiest one there hehe YEAH I KNOW bad mommy moment i know already) but anyway, everyone always focuses on how pretty she is so i tell her how smart and funny and creative she is cause she doesn't have that much confidence to try new things. so anything that focuses in how she looks is out. i was approached for her to do child modeling but i said no.
Smart and responsible decision, IMHO. Parents who allow their kids to go into modeling or acting do so to fulfill their own fantasies or dreams. I don't think it's ever done for the benefit of the child. I base this on nothing whatsoever :lol: but I would bet my last dime that I'm right.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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