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For anyone who doesn't know, is a website where you can order food from..maybe some other stuff too idk, but I decided to go there for my ZP this past order. Well, I wanted Miya to try the ZP canned wet, so I did something really dumb. She loves the ZP venison dry so I figured she'd like the ZP venison wet...NOPE, she hated it. and I ordered a case...12 cans! $50!! :foxes15:

So I read their return policy and decided to email the company, basically stating that my dog didn't like it and could I get a refund on the other 11 cans. Less than 20 mins later, a rep emailed me back saying that she credited my credit card for the remaining 11 cans and instead of mailing it back to, she wanted me to donate it to my local shelter.

How wonderful is that? No questions asked, no hassle. I was very happy! Also, if you ever do need to return anything, they pay for the return shipping. AWESOME.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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