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HAHA! that is adorable T!
Looks so cosy and fuzzy too to keep the wee angel warm hehe!! x
Thank you Terri! :) I think I'd like that outfit myself. :D

awwwwww she is soooo sweet, i adore the little cape and hat :) xx
Thank you Lou Lou! :) I just adore the little hats.

Wow very foo-foo!!
Gorgeous fun!!
Thank you Rhonda! :) A girl has to have her foo-foo, right!?! :lol:

Too adorable!
Thank you Dustin! :)

What a beautiful princess.. I can tell you love all of your chis so much.. they must have the best life!
Thank you Cathryn! :) I truly adore all of my babies. They are the light of my life. :daisy:

Aww she looks adorable! I love it, it look so cozy and warm :)
Thank you London! :) Perfect for the upcoming weather.

Omg T..... Toooo cute girl.
Thank you Lori! :) Time for some updated pics of your Angels.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts