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My first hoodie!

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Well this is my first hoodie. I am not sure I like it. It feels weird to have clothes on. I am not quite walking right and I keep trying to shake it off. Mom says I look cute so I'll put up with it a little longer. I am feeling doggie stress (yet my tail is wagging). Do you think I will get used to it? (from Lady)

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Lady, you are such a pretty girl! You make that hoodie look good :)

You will get used to it! Tell Mommy to put it on for short periods of time and praise you or give you a treat. Then start putting it on for longer periods of time. Before you know it, Mom will put it on and you won't even know it is there!!!

PS- Jayda, that hoodie is GORGEOUS. It makes me want to get Toby a little sister, LOL.
She looks so cute in her new hoodie, and surprisingly relaxed! Her ears are up and her tail is wagging, so that's good! I bet she'll get used to it in no time.

May I ask where you got that hoodie? It's adorable and I'm needing a hoodie or sweater for Gemma since it's getting cold.
Oh, Gemma would look pretty in that hoodie, too! LOL.

Do you think Toby would wear it? I'm desperate for a princess, even if it has to be a boy Princess!

Jayda- Toby actually really likes clothes! It took him a couple of days, but he really likes the warmth. He has a thin coat, so he gets cold. He has t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and he is getting a Wake Forest hoodie before it starts to get cold. His wardrobe is constantly expanding.
They had some cute boy hoodies too....I am ashamed to admit what I paid for it. Don't tell my husband! DINK (dual income no kids family) the fur kids get spoiled!
They aren't that bad, if you can afford them- they sure have some beautiful stuff! Unfortunately, I am on a student's budget, and he eats Ziwipeak and goes to doggie day care twice a week. So his clothes budget is limited to what I can afford and what his grandma ships to him! I am on the lookout for something from Elaine- her prices are way lower for the same stuff.
Totally agree with Elaine's prices. I contacted her but she didn't have anything in small. I will be on the lookout from her now that I know a small works! Also, been there, done that.....relative to being a student and what you are doing on a student budget is admirable!
Thank you!

I eat ramen noodles and cereal, but my dog eats the equivalent of filet mignon, lobster, and caviar. Lol. I don't go out so he can go to say care. He is my priority so I sacrifice for him. I had my "college" experience in undergrad. Law school is about school, Toby and my future.

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