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My First Puppy!!! Questions!

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I am getting my first Chi puppy on Friday, and am excited but scared! I am driving 4 hrs. to get her . and hopefully eveything will be great when I get home. . Will post pictures as soon as I get them.

Anything special that I should know about my first vet visit? That will be Monday morning!!

And HOW do I introduce my new puppy to my roomate's one yr. old ShitZu ? I am worried about this one. . My puppy is so small, and the other dog looks huge compared to her! Thank you in advance!!
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Great news! For the first vet visit make sure you bring any records from the breeder or previous vet like vaccine information. Ask your vet to give you some pointers on common chihuahua problems like soft spots, knees, low blood sugar, and reverse sneezing. As far as introducing your pup, take a look at the stickied post by luvmypuppet.

Good luck and post pics!
Hi and welcome! :wave: I'm sure you'll do just great with your new little one. If you have a vet you trust, rely on him/her to steer you in the right direction. You can also post questions or concerns here and you'll get lots of good advice, as well as all the moral support you need. :)
Thank you all--I am very excited to have such a resouce ! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Jill :D
Welcome! I, too have to drive four hours to get my baby... :)
Hope everything goes well!! :wave:
Hello & welcome Can't wait to see pics of your baby. Betwwen reading post here and your vet I am sure all will be fine :wave:
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