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Hi Everyone!

My Husband and I would like to introduce ourselves, as I will type, but I'm sure we'll talk about what's said and if we feel we can contribute.

We are owned by our own mini-zoo. We have 4 Parrots, 3 dogs + 1 new AKC Chi Female 5 month old puppy, and our last cat, Gabby (or Gabster) as Billie the Panama Amazon, renamed him.

We are whole hearted Chi lovers! Our Eldest Dog named Daintie (referred to as Chick(ie) at times, is 1/2 Pom/Shih-Tzu. Next comes our beloved "Reindeer Chi" named KC (short for Kaluah and Cream) STUNNING really, as he is double dilute choc and blue (not one ounce of bias here :coolwink:). Then there is Kirby who is an apple headed Chi (also dbl dilute - Fawn and Blue) and now KayLeigh an apple head, who is black, tan, white, with Brindled Markings.

We are very lucky people - we think! I didn't know anything about colors, and with the boys - it just worked out that way. I have learned as I have gone along. We have Plans for Kirby and KayLeigh, when she is old enough, but I'd like to speak a bit more about that later if it's ok.

I'm quite sure you are all bored by now, but /waves Hi!

God Bless,

Kathy & Dan
And our lil zoo
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