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"My Little Chloe is being spayed tomorrow....

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I will be taking Chloe in to be spayed in the morning. I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be......MUCH MORE!! I just hate the thought of my sweet baby being operated on and put under anesthsia!! :( Keep us in your thoughts........ :)

Bruiser Teddy and "baby sis" Chloe
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my thoughts are with ya Chloe for speedy recovery :wave:
I understand how you must feel. But don't worry, she'll be back in your arms before you know it. Good luck to little Chloe and hugs to you!!! :wave: :D
I know what your going though I have been there plently of times. It makes you go gray early..LOL Sasha goes in a few months to be spayed I am going to be a nervous wreak.. :oops:
I know how you feel, Poppy was fixed last month and its horrible, the waiting and the wondering.But believe me, its over really quickly and the way they bounce back in a couple of days is amazing!! Give her lots of love and hugs and you will see she will be back to her normal self in no time...we will be sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery... :D :wave:
Your little Chloe will definitely be in our thoughts tomorrow!! Keep us updated!
Good luck Chloe you will be fine :wave:
is tomorrow international spay and neuter day ???? :D

paris and comso are going in too tomorrow !!! and guinness from allison is getting neutered too :D

i'll keep fingers crossed for all of us :wink:

kisses nat
Best WISHES Chloe, and mommie it will be ok, we are with you!
Good luck!!!! Will be thinking of you!!!!

Zoe, Bella Jack and Chico!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'll have her in my thoughts :) here's to a speedy recovery!
hoping for a speedy recovery! good luck! :wink:
Thanks everyone!!!! I just now talked to the Dr. and she did fine. :D They want to keep her overnight??? But, they are going to call me at 4;00 and let me know whether I can bring her home :( I miss my little girl!!

The Vet also said they could not do any bloodwork on her! He absolutely could not use any of her veins?? He said they only see this problem in rare cases??? He said she was healthy and it should never be a problem, unless she ever had to have an IV. :shock:

Sandra, I am glad to hear that Chloe is doing okay. I hope she is back to herself in no time. Many hugs. I know I will worry myself when Bella gets spayed in August...yikes!

i'm so glad to hear she did well! i've seen maybe 2 dogs that we couldn't get the vein in any of the legs for blood but we could use the one on the neck with the one.
xx-nathalie-xx said:
is tomorrow international spay and neuter day ???? :D
Too funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Glad Chloe is doing well. Here's to a quick and full recovery for all of them!
Glad that you're okay Chloe!!! Hope for a quick recovery!!! :)
Love and hugs, Molly and Tania :) :wave:
I just brought Chloe home and she seems to be doing fine. Just a little irritable. She is in her purse and the Boys are a wreck! They just cant understand why "sissy" cant play. :( They love their "baby sis"!

I'm really glad I had her spayed, I know now it was the right decision. :D

Sandra and Chloe
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