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My little Felony.....

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Just wanted to give everyone some more news on my little baby. Well first off she ways almost 5 pounds and she's 4 months old, she's a little heavier though do to her surgery and not being able to run and play. Felony also had to go in and get a new pin put in her leg because it slipped out from all the growing she's been doing, but the doctor was really nice and only charged me $ 80 for it since he knows I'm tight on money. She's doing even better the I could ever hope, she does hate being in her crate though, but she has to be in it to limit her running and jumping as much as possible. I was wondering does anyone know of anything to maybe help her be occupied well in her crate I give her treats and some toys but she loses interest, My boyfriend did suggest a toy that treats fall out of well she plays with it, but I don't know if it be safe, if anyone has ever had success with something like this please let me know. On Monday the 16th she gets x- rays and then I'll know when her pin can come out. I can't wait till she can run off some of that energy!!

I also wanted to thank everyone at the sight for giveing me such great advice and helping me through a pretty tough time.
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What about the tiny sized Kong toy, you can fill it with things like low fat cream cheese or smooth pnut butter etc and it occupies them while they try to lick it all out? :)
It sounds like your poor chi baby has had quite a time of it. I am glad she is doing as well as she is. I know it is difficult to limit their activities, especially a 4 mo old puppy. They are so full of energy and mischief. Hopefully, you will get some good news when she goes for her xrays on the 16th, and she won't have to be in the crate too much longer. Poor little one is due for a break I think.

Give her hugs and kisses from Jasmine and me.
Awww, I'll be thinking of little Felony. {{Hugs}}
This may sound silly to you, but place the crate near the TV so your chi can watch. The images and sounds are fascinating to them and the stimulation will keep them from being bored. Other things you can do besides the Kong are Nylabones which can preoccupy them for hours, some cat toys are also great. Good luck!
they make a variety of toys that you can put treats in and the more you move the toy around the treats come out. also the kong was a great idea.
Thanks everyone! Everyone was really helpful and I noticed she really loves cheese and I'll probley get a little kong for her to chew on and such. One thing I never quite got is my vet said she should be living in her cage but I can't help but have her out every now in then for a little stretch. I thought they would won't her to use her leg a litttle, but the vet knows better then I do. Does anyone know if maybe I should let her exercise? I'd hate for her to hurt herself but I can't have her in there like shes a hamster. Well if anyone has anymore advice (lol) I'd appreciate.

Thank you!
Poor baby I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to keep her crated all the time even though it is for her own good. I hope her xrays are good and she can be back to herself soon :(
awww poor baby but Im glad she is getting better :wave:
aaaw poor felony!! i hope she gets better soon ...and get lots of playtime out of her cage :wink:

kisses nat
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