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My Mom and I have a Pet Store!

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I'm pleased to announce to all of you, my mom and I have created a Pet Store online called "Spoiled One Inc". I'm sooooo excited about it. Its been a loooooong working process, I'm a little pooped haha. We have been actually selling beds and harnesses at Fuzzy Friends Rescue here in Waco. Its a no-kill shelter and everything we sold we had a percentage go to their Donation center, and its been working out really well. So I thought I'd make a website and let everyone get on our goods! We keep creating and getting more ideas every day and were adding more things next week. And we have a mailing list, so please sign up so you'll know when new things come out. Alright well heres the website, hope you enjoy!!
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Oh, I like your site. As soon as you have some winter boy stuff, I'll be hitting you up. :wave:
Oooh goodness girl, its going to be all about the boys soon! Girls are just so easy to make things for. With boys you dont want to over do it, but you dont want it to be too plain ya know? I have SO many things in store for the little boy chi's u have no idea. I cant wait, though I'm sure Lex can, he's been my little model for most of the things... hehe.
love your website, great design and great things you have there!

Richie's mom
omg i love the site !!! and boy those beds are sooooooo cool !!!!!!

do you ship worldwide?

kisses nat
That's a great looking website! I love the Pet of the Week feature. I wish you and your mom loads and loads of success. :wave:
I love you site and am so excited about boy stuff. Its so hard to fine. I really do hope you ship to the uk aswell?
What a great site Tiff!!! I love the beds!!!!! I wish you and your mom all the best with it! :D
I like the site....

I love those wood beds.... the mahogany one is beautiful...
Thank ya'll very much!! Its still a working process, I guess it will always be, hehe. I do mail out International. I thought of you guys! hehe. I just checked USPS for their AirMail for my prices. I use the exact shipping price they provide me. Thank u guys again, I'm actually off to my moms now to make some more stuff! :D
great site, love the selection for boys clothing you have a lot. KEEP EM' COMING!!
I'm really impressed! Good job and good luck!
Aww that stuff is so cute!! I'm definatly getting one of those little beds! (not the wood ones....maybe one day...but I only have 1 chi right now!) GOOD LUCK!!!
YAYAYAYAYA!! i was one of the first to know about it ;) hehehe....

way to go girl! i'm so happy for you!
Congrats!!! Cooper and I will keep an eye out for new boy stuff because you know he's quite the fashion hound!

I love the beds too! I might have to get one for OmaKitty if she sees them.
Boy stuff is in the works! I'm excited about it. :D I'm a little curious though. What are some stuff you'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your Boy chihuahua wear? I'd love some unique ideas if you have any. My mom and I are pretty savvy when it comes to making patterns. I've gotten some good sweater ideas online and stuff like that, just curious if any of you had some stuff you'd want your little guy to have but cant find. Thanks for checking it out by the way, we both apprieciate it very much. :D
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