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My Mom Is Carzy

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My mom just called me to tell me her story of rescue...LOL

She was heading home today after visting me and on the interstate she saw a small baby turtle on the side of the road coming towards the road.

She stopped and pulled over and went and got the baby turtle...LOL

She is bringing it to me she wants me to keep it...LOL I told her to let it free and she told me it was special and wants me to keep

I love my mom...No wonder where I get my helpfulness from :D
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apple don't fall far from the tree.

is that how it goes...
Your mommy's an angel, just like her baby girl. :)
Awww...tht is so sweet. Are you going to keep the turtle?? Your Mom sounds like a wonderful lady. :)
awww bless your mom - id be like " mother - you found it - you keep it !!!" lol :lol:
I used to have turtles when I was a kid....They r so cute....and they never make noise, they don't take that much room, their poops are so small...they r almost perfect....u should keep her.... :lol: just avoid giving her kisses...I had a bad experience when I was child....the turtle bit me and didn't want to let go of my was funny though....cus she was probably 2" long...
we have a tendency to find medium to large turtle here on Long Island If I see them in theroad I will place it back if the water it came from in the park is close by. If its wandered far from the park and is a medium one I have taken them and put them in my yard. but.... once I rescued one and it turned out it was on the endangered species list and found out I could be fined big time and or jail time!. now if in road i just place them off and out of site. could you imagine going to jail for a turtle rescue lol
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