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Are you going to crate train your little one? You may want to get a clock that ticks (the old-style wind-up ones) to put in the bedding for his/her first few days home. It will mimic the sound of momma's heartbeat and keep his/her stress level down at night.

Also they sell disks that you put in your microwave and heat up - you insert them in your dog's bedding and it keeps the bed warm up to 9 hours or something like that. I didn't notice where you live but if you're in a colder climate, you might want one of those handy.

The pee pads have some kind of scent that attract dogs and make them "want" to pee on them. You need to put them where the dog can access them - if you're penning him in the kitchen during the day, leave a couple in there, far from his/her food and bed. With Cooper, I had one by the back door and would put him on it if I saw him squatting in the house, then I'd open the back door while saying "potty". As he got older, the back door pad was the only one in the house and it made it easier to train him to go to the back door once he transitioned to going outside for potty breaks.

Good luck with your new baby!!! Post loads of photos because the people around here will come to your house and push you around if you don't!! :lol: (I'm not kidding either!)

(Okay, I am kidding ... but I still think they'd do it.)
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