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My new pup! (PICS ADDED!)

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Hello everyone! Bella and i just wanted to tell you we got our new pup! She is a beautiful dobie marked female smooth coat. I just love her, she is so so so tiny i cant believe it! It scares me a little but she will be ok. I had a bout with fleas but i got them cleared up and i am taking her to the vet in the a.m. to get her checked... Ill keep everyone updated! I am trying to add a picture but its too big... how do u make it smaller!?

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i think the best thing is to host them on and then it says edit then it says 50% of pictures original then copy and paste the link and post it in the post. Cant wait to see the new pup!!
awww that's great news...looking forward to seeing the pics :wink:

kisses nat
I can't wait to see her!

I use Photobucket, myself. It's very user friendly.
Congratulations of the new puppy. I can't wait to see some pics.

Hah! I finally got pictures! :p
Oh wow she really is tiny how old is she ? :wave:
they said she is 7 weeks, she doesnt look it at all! i didnt believe them but her teeth look very developed for a pup so small... I really was hesitant about getting her cuz she is young especially cuz bella is 10 weeks and more than twice her size...
wow yeah she is really young to be away from Momma but atleast she has bella :D
:shock: She is tiny and beautiful! I want to see tons of pictures of her!
She's a real cutie pie! She sure is tiny. How much does she weight?
We weighed her at the vet today and drumroll please..... ONE POUND EXACTLY! I am kind of worried because she is so small... bella is more than twice her size and its kind of scary watching them play. Bella just likes to swat at her with her paws like a kitty... i am going to clip her nails right now so she doesnt hurt the pup... how much did yours weigh when they were 7 weeks?
omg she is gorgeous!!!!!!
Awww...she is beautiful. I know you are in love with her already!! :D
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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