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IdahoJen said:
ilovekeiki said:
We weighed her at the vet today and drumroll please..... ONE POUND EXACTLY! I am kind of worried because she is so small... bella is more than twice her size and its kind of scary watching them play. Bella just likes to swat at her with her paws like a kitty... i am going to clip her nails right now so she doesnt hurt the pup... how much did yours weigh when they were 7 weeks?
My Ruby looks a lot like your pup...anyway she weighed 1lb 2 oz at five weeks and at 11 weeks is 1lb 10 oz..... this picture is at 11 weeks old... :D
I thought they looked like one another too! It's going to be fun watching them grow, seeing how much they change! :wink:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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