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My newest additions Princess and Telula

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Mandy, welcome to the forum! :)
Your new pups are very pretty!
Do you have any other dogs?
Hi Mandy, and welcome! Your girls are gorgeous. We are having a bit of a Chihuahua meet in Lytchett Matravers on the first Sunday in June, that isn't to far from you is it? Maybe you could bring the girls along, it would be lovely to meet them and would help with their socialisation.
They are little cutie pies! I especially love the more gold one, is she Princess or Telula?
Adorable and welcome :)
Oh my goodness what a couple of cuties. How old are they? Do you have any other fur baby's?
Hi Mandy! Welcome to the forums. This is a great place for pet owners and chi lovers! Your babies are so cute!
Princess is on the left and Telula is on the right they are both 15 months old.
I have seven Chihuahuas in total.
Wow 7! Fun times!
You must share pictures of the other 5! please :)
Welcome they are beautiful
Yes, welcome Mandy, they are really cute furbaby,s.-janet.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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