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Oh my god Cherry, you still have a nightlight? Nah, I don't. Pepi just sooths me.

I get out of bed during the holidays, and on friday and saturday nights to wander my house, and normally go on the internet, like now during the night. My perants would keel me if they found out, so I always need to be quiet until about 4.

My friend was telling me on msn at about 2 at night the other day how her brother was using a quija boards that same moment and it worked. I'm pretty gullabul on these things. It was frightening what the spirit said achually. But anyway.

I have never been able to go down by myself, ever after that. Until tonight.

My speshal boy is 3, and blue and fawn long haired pure domed headed chihuahua. He is my prince, and my world. I love him to death, he is my everything for always and forever. Seeing as i let him share a room with me, share a bed, share blankets [okay, maybe he hogs them] we share food, you name it. It was tiem for him to return the favour.

Pepi was like, dead and floppy and i clamped onto him tightly to scuttle downstairs. Now, I am sitting on the lounge with the laptop, and Pepi all snuggly next to me in a blanket.
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