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my pm's

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Some members are not receiving my pm's though it says they are sent, i am receiving as far as i know,whats wrong?
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There has always been some problems with Pm's all along the way.....not sure though. We did just switch hosting companies so maybe that is a reason.....please send Mia an e-mail and advise her :wave:

[email protected]
tried but the email came back undelivered, should there be a dash between chihuahua and people?
Thanks :D
all i can think is the people your sending the pms to have reached their pm quota and need to empty their inbox
Will ask my friend if this is the case, thanks.
No my friend says her pms box is empty :(
Now i have received one from someone else and replied which they got but then i didnt get their next reply, whats going wrong.Has anybody else pmed me that i havent replied to? :(
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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