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my poor puppy.

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my puppy was playing and the doorbell went and it made him jump and he ran into me he yelped. :cry: :cry: i feel so bad cos he must think i hurt him when it was an acciident.he didnt half yelp. :cry: he seems ok but i think he might dislike me now. :cry:
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He doesn't dislike you. Puppies are smarter than that. They know by your reaction whether it was an accident or intentional.

When you've caused a yelp (and you will - it's perfectly normal) just give him tons of hugs and kisses instantly and he'll understand.
Bella gives me the cold shoulder after something like that happens LOL She soon forgives me and gives me loads of kisses !
I have accidentally smacked Lily in the nose and I have even kicked her lightly when she suddenly ran in front of me... she seemed to understand - probably based on my reactions - that it wasn't mommy being mean. :lol:

Give your little guy lots of hugs and smooches and I'm sure all will be forgiven. :)
She definitely will forgive you if she hasn't already. :lol:
awwww thanks i still feel bad. he yelped for a good minute though. poor baby. i did give him tons of kisses and cuddles.straight after. :oops: :oops: .he is now lying in my lap. :wink: i cant help feeling so bad when this happens. :( .thank you so much for reasssurance. *hugs*
I know it's disturbing. I've accidently kicked Jasmine a time or two when she would get under my feet (which she does ALL the time). They yelp and you feel sooo bad. I just give Jasmine hugs and kisses and tell her how sorry mommy is, and all is forgiven. That's one of the many wonderful things about dogs - they always seem to forgive and forget. Unlike some of us humans, their love is unconditional.
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