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My post earlier..

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Hello, some of you guys do not seem to be very nice people and jump on the new person on the board before I could breathe.

I guess it's treating a newbie thing, as with all ONLINE BOARDS.

My stuff isn't that expensive, I sell many very nice handcrafted items for a lot less than 80% of apparel out there.

Our designer dog apparel is pretty expensive.

Our featuring of celebrities is on there because many of the designer dog apparel has been worn and bought from those celebs, just an interesting fact. We get most buys from our handcrafted items because they are very special and can be custom made so you can get special measurements, embroideries, sayings, extra fabric for free, hoods for free, extra pant leg for free. $12. For a shirt is not expensive especially if you can custom make it and add many things for free.

Some of you seem very judgemental, I joined because I came across this board I thought would be fun and was excited to see so many others who love CHIHUAHUAS. It's alright, I am not going to just stop signing on here because 5 people dislike my website. I joined because we are very fond of Chihuahuas. Ours just so happen to be under 3 lbs. But a 7 lber is just as good as any.

Besides didn't you join because you love the CHIHUAHUA breed. "Teacup" sized chihuahuas are just as good as a 8 lber and an 8lber is just as good as a tiny chihuahua THEYRE ALL CHIHUAHUAS.

Thanks guys! Have a very nice day and happy holidays
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:wave: welcome you should probably go introduce yourself on the newbie board and post some pictures of you chi...about the previous welcoming messages..we sometimes get people that just wanna sell stuff and spam the site with ads and really useless stuff...we even had one that faked having a chi...if your love for chihuahuas happens to be real then YAY :wave:

Another thing you might be interested on knowing...I really hope you didn't pay thousands for you 3lbs chi...and no..we have nothing against "teacup" chihuahuas...because there is NO SUCH THING...teacup is a term sleazy, money hungry breeders use to sell the RUNT of the litter to ignorant people that want a chi just for a fashion you can see...the moment you said..come buy and teacup at the same didn't look apologies if you have the best intentions...but without proper never know.. :?
Vala! CHECK OUT - A lady I have orderd clothing off of, and another member of this forum too. (she got her outfit, so we know this lady obviously made her things, as i think the other members was custom made)

Isnt that just a WEE bit strange how this person has the EXACT clothing as the lady I orderd from?! :shock:
I feel like an idiot :oops: :oops: :oops:

I e-mailed Rena.. Because i thought she should be informed... :oops:

Rena Dyer to me

Wendy she is one our our wholesale companys, We have our clothes out in several others shops, The way to tell if they are a wholesaler is the price, All the items we sell we do make ourselve. We dont sell anyhting we dont make, But we do have several companies that buy form us and resell the items, and Kika company is in ballwin missouri, Kerry Hanson is one of them, The way to tell is the price all the others will be higher than our webiste so they can sell them and make a profit, Petco does the same also, they carry a large line of our items to, But i sure appreciate you telling me this, That makes me know your a watching out for me! Your a sweetie! Rena
:D :D I still say WELCOME! :wave: Everybody needs a chance :D :D
But still she shouldnt be advertising as homemade as if she made them - but I say welcome and sorr to - lets hope we werent to hasty with you :wave:
Something doesn't smell quite right.
I bought Piper's dress from for about $9

I think I'll email the lady that made it, to see what's going on here. :(
Obviously you haven't read many posts before you decided to try and sell us stuff b/c we are a bunch of very VERY nice people. I take offense to that and I'm usually 1 that keeps my opinions to my self. That being said, if you genuinely care about chi's then try us again w/ out try to make money off us 1st.
Um guys ... don't want to rock any boats here, and you know I'll always back you guys up, but I'm not sure that it says that all the stuff is handmade.

I couldn't really see the site properly as all the pics didn't show for me, but from what I could tell they do sell handmade stuff, but not only handmade stuff. Also, if let's say ozzysmom handmade chi stuff and I sold it, it would still be handmade and I could sell it as such.

So if you see similar stuff elsewhere, it probably is the same ... it's just a persons choice on how much markup they want to put on their product.

As for the teacup thing, if I have to be honest, it's only since I've joined this forum that I've been educated. I'm not saying it's right, but not everone knows or means to use the phrase just for profit. So I'd just say on that one, if someone comes on the site and uses the that term, just educate them. No need to get upset and vent, it could hurt people's feelings who don't know. :wave:
this is an old posts guys - dont bother wasting your breath if she had really only been here to meet chi friends and let us know about her goods she would of made more that these 2 posts - we have new rules in place now about these sorts of people - that you hagve to have a minimum of 40 posts before been allowed to advertise chi related products - so if you catych anyone let us know :wave:
Yeah...just notices it's an old post. :D

I just wanted to say that there is no reason to get upset. :)
We all have the right to say what we want, then it's up to us to agree or not to agree. But we don't have to make it a big deal.....sometimes it's better just to ignore people instead of instigate them.

Regarding the teacup term.....ok it doesn't exist but most of the people dopn't know that as we often find that term in books and in many other places. I just think some people like to use that term as an other way to say "tiny".

But anyway...has this person posted anywhere else on the board? I see she/has two posts??? :?

Peace and love everyone! :hippy2: :headbang: (just feel so hippy in this sec :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: )
no she posted in this section twice the post below was her original post just advertising her stuff - no actual hi my name is ...............I have so many chis etc :wave:
oh yeah....that's right........ :D :D :D :D thanks Clare...I got a little condused! :)
lol - its the hormones (blame the baby :D )
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