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My pride and joy Shadow

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:D Hey guys here's some puppy pictures and as we call then "teenager" photos and recent ones. hope ye like them!!!
i apologize for the amount of photos!!!

Edel & shadow

shadow "teenage" photo

was cleaning out closet

smiling face today

new teddy

try say no to that face

shadow and her best friend jessie
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She is very pretty! :love2:
Her coat is gorgeous! And those eyebrows, oh my!
I loved seeing all the pictures, thank you.

Haha, I meant her fur, lol, not her cape. But the cape is really cute too! ;) haha
~LS~ tat was totally stupid out of me. yeah her coat is so soft even she is so dirty!! hahahaha
yeah the eye brows really show the facial features of d dog. hahaha
It was not stupid. The only reason I corrected you is because
I wanted you to know that I really really like Shadow's fur, I
find her super pretty. Chanel's "coat" is not done growing yet,
so I'm looking forward to her looking fluffy like Shadow. ;)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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