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My silly chi

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Shae is the silliest dog ever.. She barks at me when I'm on the phone lol.. As soon as I get on she goes crazy so I hang up and she's fine..

Now she's gotten to the point where she hides my cell phone :D

Gotta love her!
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Is that the equivilant to a child tugging on your shirt going "hey Mom, hey Mom, hey Mom..." while you're on the phone? :lol:
omg :lol: that is just too funny :D

she's a smart cookie :wink:

kisses nat
lol cooper you are very funny!
awww shes a clever lil dog!
That is too funny she wants all of your attention :) I had to move the treats because Poco would scratch at the back door to get me to get up and guess where the treats were , right by the backdoor :lol: not anymore.

They train us better than we train them :shock:
lol I think shes just immitating what appears to her as.. you talking to a bone. lol :lol: I kill myself at my own jokes.. phone.. bone :roll:

either that or shes scraed her mum is begiining to talk to herself lol :D
Chi's are just so amazing!
I love your baby's name too. Shae is such a cute name and so unique!
Sounds like she is one smart little girl. No more calls for you :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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