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my web site! update made anoter thanks to stef 4 link

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hi all rite iv tried making a web site its really not that great its my first attempt i dont know how to add other pages etc so its only got one page at mo hopefully il get the hang of it here ius the link let me know what you think as i aint got a clue what im doing ha lol
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thanks its confusing though i am not sure how to get extra pages and add music and stuff oh well i should get the hang of it
Welldone, Im no good at buliding sites, but I found it very easy building a site with
They have a tutorial and its step by step!
Good looking site vicki :) web sites are not easy to sort , you have done well :):)

Sara xx :wave:
hi all right iv been busy at web site work lol thanks to the link stef gave me thanks stef i have a kinda cool site here is the link-

I think thats great and I did PM you that link before.
aww sorry iamfairy i did try the link you sent but for some reason it didnt work but thanks to you as well then its really helped
Awwww pretty site!
I´ll check back on your litters :wink:


thanks for looking everyone its really appreciated
awwww thanks i quite like it now
hey great website!! i love the purple lining on top and the bottom !!

kisses nat
awww Vicki did you find freewebs easier? I THINK IT LOOKS GREAT! I love the slideshow of the picz :D You can upload your own backgrounds too!
stef x
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