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Just wondering if anyone else's little love-bucket chews their nails..??
Mine is CONSTANTLY chewing them, even if I file the jagged nails, he'll chew them again.. And of course it doesn't feel too nice when he jumps on me..

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lol it's jemini the girl, i would think she'd do that to her nails but jamoka hates when i cut/file them so he will sit there and lick them for 20 to 30 min then bit them. maybe he thinks i did a bad job :wave:
Sully does,usually in the middle of the night.
this lil guy never fails to keep me from sleeping.. and of course the only foot he won't chew is the front left one..

glad to know he's not unique with this!!
both my older chis do that sometimes. it seems to be when their nails need to be cut though like theyre ready to cut them themselves :shock:
Hmmm.... Charley doesn't chew his nails, but he does bite at his feet all the time.

Cooper makes ME bite his nails for him... he's THAT lazy.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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