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Name Calling

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Since taking my baby out walking with me I've recently had nasty comments made. Most of the time people are besotted with her but in two days I've had "its a rat on a lead" 4 times and "that's not a dog" twice!! Makes me very angry and I have almost said something back which would have been very politically incorrect!! I stopped myself but it made my blood boil!! I take it personally because she is my baby! Do any of you have this problem and if so do you just ignore it all?? :? I guess when she's older maybe it won't be so bad?
Lucie & Lola xx
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If it were me in your position i would probably bite their heads off :cussing: ... But thats me. Another thing you could do is just smile at them with a HUGE grin on your face and keep walking. Show them it doesnt bother you what they say and they just might stop saying it. I saw this toyota ad in a magazine that had a dog in the cab of a truck or something and it said "Because real dogs dont fit in handbags" :angryfire: i was mad! I mean why do people say thats not a REAL dog? What is it FAKE? Lol i'm sorry people are so cruel but you have to rise above them and just show them you dont care! (even if you do) You are superior to them and make sure THEY KNOW IT!!!

Much love and hope everything works out!
I Have heard people say gadget isn't a dog... I say yep he is he has 4 legs a tail and he loves his mom... That really shuts their mouths.

People hate it when I say that
I've never had anyone insult Lily (at least not to my face). :lol: I've had a couple people ask if she was real (as opposed to what, a stuffed animal that I'm walking on a leash???) but that didn't make me mad. Just made me think they were idiots. :lol: I've had one person ask if she was a cat and two people ask if she was a rabbit (a rabbit???). Again, I think they're just not very bright.

People always ask how much she weighs and how old she is (I think they assume she's still a puppy because she's so small). There was one guy who, when I told him she was almost 4 pounds jokingly said, "What a pork chop!" That cracked me up and I've called her a pork chop many times since.

Not sure what I'd say if someone called Lily "a rat on a leash." I guess it wouldn't really bother me because anyone can plainly see that she's the most gorgeous creature on the planet. :D
It may be inappropriate and unladylike but I think I'd go Rambo on someone that called Frasier a rat on a leash if it was done in a taunting way.

He's big enough that I don't hear a lot of that. I mostly just get told he's not real because of his coloring.
One time my baby and I were walking and this woman with this VERY overwheight pug(poor thing :( ) Said to me, "Rat on a leash? Hmm..." I instantly said back to her," Excuse me but this "rat" is a pure bred chihuahua named Snap. This lil guy was probably worth more than your pig of a pug and is also probably better taken care of, by the looks of it. Thank you very much!" She just stopped dead and looked at me with this stupid look on her face. Then to top it all off, Snap gave his biggest and toughest bark and i gave him extra goodies for backing up his mommy! There are always going to be people who say that and you just gotta learn not to listen. We all know your baby is a cutie so don't let anyonre tell you otherwise! Let 'em have a piece of your mind! Good luck fighting the haters, lol :wink: :wave: :D

PS. I felt bad about calling her pug a pig but I'm supposed to be immature^.^ Lol anyone clalingmy baby a rat deserves a piece of my mind too!
:evil: i hate it when people say crap like that! i know how frustrating it hard as it may be...just ignore them. i know it bothers you a lot, but if they think it doesn't bother you, eventually they will stop. people like that are like little kids...the will get bored of it. it feels better knowing your the bigger person.

and if that doesn't work...i'd go postal on them and scream obscenities at them like a madman/madwoman. :lol:
We all know that is not true what people say and that these people are so small minded!!
Fortunately, I've never had any negative comments about Jasmine. Usually they just rave on and on about how cute she is, and of course she hams it up shamefully. :lol:

If I did get negative or nasty comments, I like to think I would be the bigger person and just ignore them. But I don't know - it would be awfully difficult.
:twisted: WHAT NERVE SOME FOLKS HAVE :!: I know it is agrevating cause i personally deal with insult everyday from people because i am obese. People are ignorent and cruel and i think you did the right thing ( hard as it was) to just go about your way. People like that arent worth taking the time out of your life for and if you corrected them it probably wouldnt help anyway because they wern't smart enough in the first place to know there doing anything wrong. i feel sorry for those folks cause they lack something in there life when it makes them feel better or important if they belittle outher or in your casa your pet.
Just tell them politely Well I know he is a dog, but you on the other hand look like they shaved your ass and taught you to walk back wards :wink:
KJsChihuahuas said:
Just tell them politely Well I know he is a dog, but you on the other hand look like they shaved your butt and taught you to walk back wards :wink:
LOL!!! :D
KJsChihuahuas said:
Just tell them politely Well I know he is a dog, but you on the other hand look like they shaved your butt and taught you to walk back wards :wink:
:lol: :lol: :lol: That's very funny!! I might have to try that one if it happens again and I remember!! :wink:

Thanks everyone for your advice.... it is pathetic and narrow minded but also hurtful and annoying too! It makes me feel like I'm back at school and being teased in the playground again! :evil:

Love Lucie & Lola xx
it is horrible i know,people have said to me 'what is it a rat?' and 'is it a joke?' but most people love him,you learn to ignore it,there just jealous that thir dogs arnt as beautiful as ours!
Folks, I honestly don't get it. :? Why do you care what some complete stranger thinks of your dog? If it was a family member or friend doing the name calling I would be hurt too, but a stranger you'll never even see again? Anybody who would insult your dog that way is ill bred, ill mannered, rude and stupid. And their opinion means nothing to me.

I'm not saying you don't have a right to feel the way you feel or react honestly to what you hear... I just don't understand. :)
Fortunately I have not had that happen as most people just think Auggie is adorable. Yesterday at the hardware store I was waiting for hubby in the car
and some people parked in the space across from us. The the teen in the car started smiling and came over and wanted to know if she could take a pic of him If anybody would say that to me i would just say No he is a small well trained and very lovable dog and obviously brighter than you are :x
yh i get it too, i chose to ignore it most of the time and to grit my teeth and smile and say something not to over the top to start and arguement but just to settle it like "well i own him not you so you dont need to bother about that!"
me and chiwi had to deal with this woman and her nagative remarks for like 30 minutes one time. i was getting my nails done and chiwi was hanging around in her pouch and the woman was like oh my god do you carry her everywhere, i would never have a dog like that, it's probably dressed up in clothes to that is stupid bla blah blah. well i was letting it go and letting it go until her friend came in and was like oh how cute the woman was like cute? are you kidding me and she went on and on again i finally said lady, first of all the reason you would never have a dog like her is you couldn't afford her. and she probably has more jewelery on right now than you have in your jewelery box (she was wearing her layered swarovski crystal collar and charm) it's sad that you are jealous of a dog.... it shut her up. 9 times out of ten i let things go but i couldn't. i enjoy getting my nails doen and she was really getting under my skin.
We have 2 friends that come over one says my dogs should be punted like a foot ball. I tell him he ever lays so much as a hair on an animal especially my dogs he will lose his manhood. PS my dogs hate him lol. another an unemployed cheap jerk calls them rats I tell him if he can find a woman as Raty as my dogs that would up his class a bit :D
i always get it iv had the following-

thats a rat
thats a cat or ferret
oh my god look how big his ears are in response i say yes and yours to lol
iv even had kids throw things at tyke thats when i flip out!

the majority of people are all very nice and some people dont understand that calling some1s dog a rat is quite offensive iv learnt to deal with it now they all must hav sad lives to call a tiny little dog names lol
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