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Name for a Girl

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I am going to be a soon owner of a baby girl! She is the sweetest thing, Dark down, with a few white spots on her face, and brown feet. I really need a name, I have come up with a few names, here they are:

Honey- honey
Layla- night, dark haired
Kiara- Small, dark

But I am not quite sure, please give your opinion and any name ideas.

~Raechel~ :angel10:
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There are so so so many names !! I suggest u read through the other u have a particular origin or type of name??????

I forgot to add, I have a kitten named Tweak (boyfriend's idea), I do not know any names that might go along with that other than spaz, and I dont think I will be naming my baby spaz.

~Raechel :angel10:
KIARA............................ I LOVE IT!!!! OMG its beautiful!
I would like to try perhaps a Gealic name, but I have not found any to interesting, I would really like a long name I could easily make into a nickname

~Raechel :angel10:
I really like Kiara :)
me too kiara is lovely what about

Tweak and Twinkle :lol:
I like friends sister is having a baby soon called Ciara!
What about Tweak and Tinkerbell, Tink for short?

Tizzy, Trippy, Tripsy, Tipsy...
i named my new lil girl ....Jemini
i spelled it with a J cuz of her big brother Jamoka.
i'm going to try and keep with the J names
Kiara!! It's always good if your baby can have a unique name! :D

I thought my dogs name was unique until I had read or saw a thread that another chi here is named Britney (dunno if it's spelled the Same, though, but my Britney was named after Britney Spears 8))
I, too, love the name Kiera. :love4: I think it's beautiful name and also sounds pretty spunky.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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