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Name for Chihuahua in January

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Hi, I'm getting my chihuahua in January and it's supposed to be born some time in December (meaning I don't know what it looks like yet). But it will be a female, tan short-hair and I'm thinking about naming it Cinderella (Cinders for short). What do you guys think? Is it good?
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its a lovely name - i like it :D - are you definately getting one from this breeder or are you still looking for another breeder :?:
Did your mom say it was ok for sure nat?
I think it's for sure. I talked to her about getting the $200.00 out of the bank (money from my grandparents that they gave for my bday that I haven't spent). And I talked to my grandparents about it (they're the ones who are going to pay for part of it)..

Plus I cleaned my parents entire house last night only to make $20.00 (saving up for the toys, n stuff I have to buy). So I think they were very thankful. Plus they're gonna pay me $10 every day for doing the dishes.

So I think doing all this work for them, they're gonna give it to me in the end as a reward I guess.

My mom never likes saying the word though cause I always hold it to her.

Oh ya, and Wendy if you could send me the pic again of me and Sera please, cause it's only on the computer at my grandparents so I couldn't show her.
Oh ya, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting it from this breeder. It's the most safe & convenient.
Cinders is a name I was considering for a black female, so its got my vote!
I don't know what I was thinking... But the night before, I loved the name Cinderella... Now I absolutely hate it. It will only be embarassing anyway.

So I think I'm going to stick with the first name I thought up for her, which is Tia. It means princess, it's short, I like it, and it took me maybe 3 minutes to think up. First choices are usually the best.
Tia is Ok - but I liked cinders it was unusual and different :wave:
cinders is an unsual and meaningful name, I like it :D
I like Tia

I like Tia. You can call her that, shorten it to Tee, Tee Baby, Mia Tia
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