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nappin with the chick

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Gadget loves this toy so much he played himself to sleep with it

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:D Gadget looks comfortable it makes me feel like taking a nap with her.What a cutie love her ears and coat color?
Awww, Gadget is precious. I just love his face. :)
Awww great pics. Gadget has such a sweet, adorable face. Such an appealing little fella, just the cutest. :lol: l
Gadget is too cute!! Cooper has a little toy like that... he'll play with it and finally just flop on top of it and take a nap. LOL
He has the cutest Puddin face!

Makes you wanna give him kissies!! :D :D
Gadget and ducky are so cute.

Jennie and cocoasmama
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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