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Naps & Cuddles... lotsa "Aw Factor" ;)

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I'm baaack! I've been busy though. We're getting ready to put up the fence at the new place. But I can now get a fairly stable connection so I can get online! Of all the pics I'd taken I noticed many were of the pups enjoying a little R&R... so I figured they deserved their own thread.

The chihuahuas... all relaxing and cuddled up in their favorite spots in the living room.



(Look at that shiny raw-fed coat lol)


Mia Zofia:

Can you tell we love shag blankets and pillows?! Haha. Here's a few group shots too... there are 4 dogs laying down in this pic lol!

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Kahlua looks so much like Diesel does now!

Does her coat bleach out a bit in the summer? Diesel's does, around the fringy part - it's almost red.
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