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Nate and Kristin's Website

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Hi everybody, just wanted to let you know we're working on our new website that will feature our photography, dogs, lifestyle, and animal health. Most of the links are limited at this point and we're slowly adding content. Enjoy and give us feedback on what you think we should change or add!

Thanks! Here's the link:

-Nate, Kristin, Sadie and Ritz[/url]
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Wow its beautiful guys! I love the design, so clean and fresh looking..I will be checking it out regularly! Keep it up! :D :wave:
I just went on and it seems everytime I try to click on something it takes me back to the top, where Kristin's pic is (btw she is very pretty). But it looks intereting and can't wait to read the articles.
Camilla King said:
Wow its beautiful guys! I love the design, so clean and fresh looking..I will be checking it out regularly! Keep it up! :D :wave:
:wave: Same here, great job! :wave:
yeah, usability is very limited at this point =) working on just getting the links together and some content...we'll keep you posted!
the site looks great !! i like the look !!
btw i think i never saw pics of Kristin before ...she's really pretty !! :wink:
and the pics of sadie and ritz they are just magnifique !!

kisses nat
great site, can't wait til it's completely up and runnin
Excellent site! It's got a great layout and very user-friendly! :) Ritz has learned alot from Sadie as far as modeling. ;) They both look fabulous. Thanks for sharing.
I absolutely loved the site and have it bookmarked... I noticed the e-mail address as being at UCLA.. Please tell me that you're photography majors, your photos were excellent, lighting great.. composition precise. I'll look at the site in it's entirety later on.

This was my favorite photo, entitled sadiemommy5... thanks for sharing with us all, I hope everyone appreciates your efforts.

BTW-My daughter and I had a chance to visit UCLA (softball nut) what a great campus that is, we stayed right on Hollywood's light years away from our 3,500 population town :)
I love the site. As someone else said - very clean design.
The photograph sadiemommy is breath taking. Besides being very beautiful, they both look so peaceful - hard to describe - like maybe innocence or an etheral quality - should be an ad for something like mattresses or sleeping aides. :)

Only one suggestion from me. At the top on the left, you have a nice pic of Mom and Sadie (that's Sadie -correct?). On the right side should be Dad and Ritz in the same pose. :)
Love the site Nate and Kristen, I added it to my favs! :D
I love it, beautifully done but I got caught up in the photo galleries of Ritz and Sadie and didn't want to quit watching them. Bad idea when I'm trying to work, LOL.
=) Thanks for the comments so far guys, I just put up those galleries so everything is a little rough:

About our majors at UCLA, Kristin majored in math/economics, and Nate majored in Cognitive/Computer Science. Photography is a big time hobby, and something I would never consider doing as a living because the business side would interfere with the artistic side. We shoot almost entirely natural light, so lighting is a big thing for me. I love taking pictures and sharing them with all of you!
Love :love5: the site. You both are so talented. I just love looking at you photos :D
Great site, you guys!! :thumbright: :D
I love it !! How talented you both are! Can't wait till you get it completely up and running!! What a neat couple! and sooo compatible. :)

Wow, great site! I've got it in my Favorites now so I'll check back from time to time. I so enjoyed Sadie's and Ritz' slide shows. They are such gorgeous and loving babies... Kristin is also gorgeous, and Nate is as handsome as he is smart. :)
Wow - your web site is awesome. Nate and Kristin, you are both such talented people. Keep us updated as you continue to add to it. Kristin, you are so beautiful, and the pic of you and Sadie sleeping is just breathtaking. Keep up the great work!
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