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I fed natural balance Limited ingredient grain free kibble for years, but switched about a year ago. In three seperate bags with different lot numbers, I found pieces of plastic imbedded in kibble, or just loose in the bag. The kibble changed colors, looked dryed out, and my dogs all got sick, but the company denied any formula changes, and also denied any issues with the food. When we told them we sent it to an independent lab, they admitted that they had recently changed the formula. I fed a grain free diet because we have a dog with severe allergies. She started getting bleeding rashes, so I knew something was up. Did some research online, and a few independent labs found high levels of soy in the food, and it was advertised as soy free. One of my dogs allergies are soy.
The company lied to us repeatedly, and their only offer was coupons for more of their food. After months of lies and crappy food, the last thing we wanted was more of it. After threatening to call the news and BBB, they finally refunded our money, over $200 (four of the large bags).

So yes, on paper, its a great food, but the company isnt one I would want to do business with.
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