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NEED ADVICE!! Buying a pup from far...

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hello everyone, I live in Hong Kong and have been looking for a chihauahu for sometime. I came across a pup which i really like from The breeder is located in IN, U.S, i sent email to breeder asking if she could export to Hong Kong, she said ok if I could arrange everything because she never exported oversea before.... so I decided to employ an agent to provide door to door service.
BUT still I have sooo many concerns and tons of questions about this whole thing and really need your advice.....
--how many of you actually bought a pup via the internet and have it shipped oversea? how risky it is ( the pup is 4.5mths old but really tiny) how do I know if the breeder is legitimate? what information should i get from the breeder before placing my deposit? and what documents are usually/must be included while buying a pup?
should there be a legal contract to be signed? what if she is a private breeder? in short, what can i do to protect myself in this whole deal?
I need everyone's input on this as i'm really nevious about getting this life long companion....
I LOVE chihauhau but it's real hard to get a purebred healthy tiny chihauhau here. I don't mind going through all the troubles & spending $$ to get my ideal chi, i want to do everything possible to make sure i won't be disappointed.
Advice please everyone.


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Hello! I'm not from US but can still give you some advice. If you decide to buy a healthy, beautiful puppy from Europe (it's actually not difficult at all), I can give you a site of a very, very reputable breeder that also exported some of her puppies to places like Japan, and US. Not only you would get great quality puppy, from a well known breeder, she'll also sort out all the details about export. I think buying over the internet is risky unless you have someone that actually knows the breeder and can reassure you. This family is from Germany and has been breeding Chihuahuas for a long time. They also show their dogs all over Europe.

I wish you all the luck with finding a puppy, wherever that might be!

Hi Kay and Welcome :wave:

Just to say Hong Kong is one of my fave places!!!!!

I don't know much about exporting just really wanted to say hello!!

Where in Hong Kong are you? I know Kowloon well!

I am glad that you have not bought from Hong Kong as most people know they are not the best looked after pups!!

Anyway bubi for now!!!

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I really would never erxport a pup that far - how long is the flight ? and to export from europe is terrible, the poor puppy will be petrified , hungry , thirsty and confused with no human companinship, hardly the great start in life for it, please consider getting a chihuhahua from Hong Kong - do they not have them over there ? :wave:
Clare they do have them but you can get some awful situations there. Its a business community everything is business if you know what I mean!
Importing a puppy from far is not so terrible if you make sure the company he's going to fly with is reputable and makes sure animals are well looked after. I know a person that imported her dog from south America and when he came to our airport, the dog was well fed, already out on a long walk and feeling very happy. Their flight stopped in Amsterdam and they have services that look after your dog well. Basically the woman I was talking about before doesn't send her puppies very, very young, they are usually around 4 months old, so that's not such a small little baby. Don't worry about anything, dogs fly around the world all the time, as people move places or import new blood from other parts of the world :wink: .

All the best!

I don't have any advice for you, Kay, but I just wanted to say good luck. I hope everything works out for you.
Hi ,i used to live in Hong Kong too, wonderful place! :D
alot of times you can hire in off duty attendent to sit with your pup inside the cabin, something I would consider if the flight is very long
hiya well i know like many of us how hard it is to find a pup near where you live where ever you are but i wouldnt really recomend it at all as really you have to think about the pups health in all this, travelling so far could upset and de stress the pup also you never know if its a scam or not. there are alot of scams about latley ive been getting mails off people from camaroon affering to send me a pup for this much i just tell them no im not intrested. if i was you to be more safe than sorry id go with keeping looking it may take ages but worth it really dont you think ?
Its actually common practice amoung show breeders to import and export pups as prospectics overseas. A very reputable show breeder in the US is Barb Pendergass. She is at the top corner of the Indiana border into Michigan. She has exported dogs to places like Finland and Japan. Her website is, you can email her through a contact on her site. I wouldn't purchase a pup from a breeder who has no experience with exporting. I live in Indiana and I only know of 2 reputable breeders in Indiana that I would purchase from, both of which would no advertise on ...
Thank you so much for all of your inputs, I am overwhemled by how much response i get here. I love this forum!!
well, i haven't got any reply from the breeder since last email, maybe she doesn't want the trouble of exporting......but i really want that chi, it's so cute.
In h.k, it's hard to find a purebred chi, there are a lot of chis being sold( and can be very cheap) but most came from china. some are mixed and some are sick puppies. and i never trusted those pet shops who's always telling you the pups are local purbred. many even lie about the age & health of the pups in order to make a quick deal.
most importantly, those chis just don't catch my heart,---white w/ fawn spot, smooth coat, applehead is almost the only kind you can find here....
it's sad that people here don't know much about this breed, they don't know how wonderful this breed is. I love chihauhau for both its cute appearance & personality. my family had two chis before, both are gone after 14 yrs of age. i grew up with chis around and now i live by myself, so i really want to keep a chi as my closest companion....
i was actually looking for a cream long haired chi, but caught by this tiny smooth coat while browsing the pupppyfind website....
well, i guess i have to keep looking again.....
please keep dropping me message for any thoughts about exporting & breeder source.....
many thanks!!

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good luck on your search you will make a wonderful owner :wave:
Thanks Clare. by the way, i have already contacted barb pandergrass but she doesn't has any cream long haired available....
i feel much more comfortable using reference from you people, so if anyone knows a reliable int'l breeder or knows someone has small cream chi for sale, pls let me know...
kaych said:
most importantly, those chis just don't catch my heart,---white w/ fawn spot, smooth coat, applehead is almost the only kind you can find here....


sounds like my vienna :D :D

kisses nat
awww I love your Vienna, and love appleheds too,
Kaych do you not like appleheads? Or are you just after a dear? Anyway good luck in your chi chi chi chihuahua search! lol got a bit hyper! x
Iamafairy said:
Where in Hong Kong are you? I know Kowloon well!
Aren't you like 15?? :lol: You are a well traveled girl. :lol:

BTW, I think the kids on this forum are great (please don't take offense at being called a kid. I'd call you a kid even if you were 25. That's pretty much my cutoff point). :wink:
Ory&C said:
waaaa I'm not a kid anymore :wink: . For about a year now........
Okay, fine, you're a kid (if you're gonna whine and cry about it). :D :D
awwwwwwwwwwww thankies Rachael!!!! heeehee yeh i am 15 !!!!
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