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Need advice on a book for Chihuahua's!

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Well, I'd like to get a Chihuahua specific book but I have no idea which ones are good.

Which one/s do you own and is it any good?

Thanks :wave:
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A book for chihuahuas??? Lily can't even read yet! :D :D
Rachael Polachek said:
A book for chihuahuas??? Lily can't even read yet! :D :D
lol that is funny Rachael :lol:

nonababe - Mia posted some info on chihuahua books - here is the link: :)
I have several, but my favorite is "The Chihuahua Handbook for Dummies".
Aw thanks guys :)
I'm ordering the Chihuahua Handbook and Chihuahua's For Dummies tonight off Amazon, so thanks for posting!

let us know what there like when you get them nonababes :wave:
sjc said:
I just love "The Chihuahua Handbook"!
Me too! I also have "The Essential Chihuahua" :wave:
My husband just bought me the book "Chihuahuas" It is a magazine style book that is made by the editors of Dog Fancy Magazine.

I was looking through it and I think it wil be a nice book to read..

I do want ot get Chihuahuas for dummies...
I have bought every book from this site all of them have different information and are alot of helpful things.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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