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Need advice

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Hello, I am new here! I posted a few days ago but it won't let me post in any other forum, but I really need some help!

I took my little guy home about 2 weeks ago, he was 10 weeks. He was great the first week, he ate and played. He got a clean bill of health from my vet, his stool sample checked and got his first shots along with another round of de-wormer to be on the safe side.

3 days later, I woke up by hearing him yelping and he was passing out! I knew this meant hypoglycemia, rubbed Karo on his gums and rushed to the ER vet. He spent the day there and on fluids/dextrose. He came home with me in the evening, where I continued to syringe feed him every 2 hours. There has been his dry food, which his breeder fed him, to free feed but he has not touched it. (I had been leaving it for him to free feed, I am assuming he did not eat any the night before I found him unresponsive, even though I thought he had been eating)

Since then, I have been feeding him every 2-3 hours. It is going on day 6. He has definitely improved and seems stronger, his stool is forming more. He is interested in what I'm doing, etc and wants to sit next to me. But still doesn't want to eat! And he seems to be having a little cough when I try to syringe feed him. He did seem stuffy for a few days, but I thought it was a side effect of his de-wormer since that was done intra-nasally and it seems to be improving.

In the syringe, I mix Royal Canin R/s recovery with Nutri Cal and warm bone broth to make a "milk shake". I have also given unflavored Pedialyte mixed in with his water.

Please, any suggestions? I am wondering if his little tummy hurt and he just didn't want to eat, but because he is so small that sent him into hypo. I am not sure what it could be, though. Please help.
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I was told if a pup is congested he may refuse to eat if he can't smell it. Maybe he can't even smell the extra pungent food and even if he can smell it a little it maybe it doesn't smell appetizing with his congestion and that can be from the intranasal vaccine maybe some side effects. I know their appetite is scent motivated which is why alot of kibble has that chemical to make them think it's appetizing when they sniff it when without it they wouldn't want it. Someone here told me that or I read it during recent research. But I do remember reading about most dogs and cats not wanting to eat while congested or having a cold that made them stuffy or runny bc I recently dealt with the same thing with two kittens. It's good you have an apt set up hopefully your chi will get his apt back before but either way the apt will give you clarity and put you at ease to know instead of assuming. Keep us updated of you don't mind I'd like to know what caused his appetite problems for future reference. My girl Padme is a really weird eater too sometimes she eats three times a day regularly sometimes she will leave it all day and eat it all at once at night other times she just nibbled throughout the whole day but she's going through a weird puppy growth spurt and looks all lanky and looks too thin except for right after she eats she also lost all her puppy fur that made her look thicker but since this growth spurt her appetite has been off and she seems really picky I have to add water to barely coat her food on days she doesn't seem interested so maybe he's going through an odd stage if it isn't the congestion or maybe both.. I hope it goes well though and he's eating soon and back at 100%.
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I'm so so sorry to hear this. You really did do everything you possibly could and he was soo lucky to have such a caring mama. I hope the autopsy brings you some answers. I'm sorry for your loss.
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