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Need advice

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Hello, I am new here! I posted a few days ago but it won't let me post in any other forum, but I really need some help!

I took my little guy home about 2 weeks ago, he was 10 weeks. He was great the first week, he ate and played. He got a clean bill of health from my vet, his stool sample checked and got his first shots along with another round of de-wormer to be on the safe side.

3 days later, I woke up by hearing him yelping and he was passing out! I knew this meant hypoglycemia, rubbed Karo on his gums and rushed to the ER vet. He spent the day there and on fluids/dextrose. He came home with me in the evening, where I continued to syringe feed him every 2 hours. There has been his dry food, which his breeder fed him, to free feed but he has not touched it. (I had been leaving it for him to free feed, I am assuming he did not eat any the night before I found him unresponsive, even though I thought he had been eating)

Since then, I have been feeding him every 2-3 hours. It is going on day 6. He has definitely improved and seems stronger, his stool is forming more. He is interested in what I'm doing, etc and wants to sit next to me. But still doesn't want to eat! And he seems to be having a little cough when I try to syringe feed him. He did seem stuffy for a few days, but I thought it was a side effect of his de-wormer since that was done intra-nasally and it seems to be improving.

In the syringe, I mix Royal Canin R/s recovery with Nutri Cal and warm bone broth to make a "milk shake". I have also given unflavored Pedialyte mixed in with his water.

Please, any suggestions? I am wondering if his little tummy hurt and he just didn't want to eat, but because he is so small that sent him into hypo. I am not sure what it could be, though. Please help.
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He is 1.5 pounds now, and was 1.8 pounds. He stayed in the ER vet overnight and treated for pneumonia, low blood sugar as well as low protein. He was treated with oxygen and IV fluids, IV antibiotics and dextrose. His blood sugar is normal now, his enzyme levels are normal except for his protein, which they supplemented. However, he is still not eating. I am hoping he will start eating at my primary vet today so I can take him home and administer his antibiotics at home, otherwise it will be another night in the ER vet for IV antibiotics :( :(
I'm so hoping that this little guy comes out of his illness soon. It's been a rough road so far. You are doing so good in taking care of him. Don't lose hope. Even if he doesn't eat, you've been syringe feeding him at home; why can't you do that? Won't they release him? I'd make a strong request for taking him home! Can you visit him? Keep us posted.
Well, unfortunately, his blood sugar is not stabilizing despite the dextrose. He just had a seizure. My vet is not very optimistic and I am not sure he is going to make it. We are going to try longer on the dextrose but after being on IV fluids and antibiotics and dextrose, for him to still have this problem is just very bad :(
How is the little guy doing? We all care about you and him.
Oh no...that's not good news. :(

As Susan are things this morning?
I am very sad to say that he did not make it. After his seizure, my vet boosted him with dextrose, which brought him to 140. but despite being on a 7.5% drip, it dipped back down into the 30s. I went to see him and he was NOT doing well, in fact he was suffering. We unfortunately had to make the decision. If he had shown the slightest improvement, anything, I would have been more hopeful. He deteriorated so quickly at the vet, I couldn't even believe it :( Thank you for all your help. Now just absolutely heartbroken.

He had several blood tests and each ones showed normal enzyme levels, minus the protein this wee. So we are not sure what it could be. My vet says he was just a "poor doer who failed to thrive". I have requested an autopsy so maybe we can get some answers. Thanks for all your help. Now I have to start to heal myself :(
I'm so so sorry to hear this. You really did do everything you possibly could and he was soo lucky to have such a caring mama. I hope the autopsy brings you some answers. I'm sorry for your loss.
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I am SO sorry. You did everything you could. I wonder if this was some sort of pituatary/pancreatic abnormality? Hopefully the autopsy will tell you for sure. I sort of knew in my heart that he had not made it, but was hoping. Let yourself heal and then go out and get another one!
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OMG!! I am SOOOO Truly sorry for you and that baby!! Just know that you did everything right and everything you could for that baby!
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Oh my...I was so afraid this was going to be the outcome. :( I am so sorry.
I hate to ask, but did you ever have a necopsy/autopsy done? If so, what happened? Just wondering.
I did, actually. Because I just could not understand what happened.
Unfortunately, my vet could not tell me very much. :(

I just don't get it. I have read a lot online about it. I know pneumonia does not happen overnight and he was not coughing or having a fever. He started having some congestion on the 26th, but as he had seemed to be getting stronger to me, I thought it possibly was side effect of vaccines showing up.

I know that he initially fell ill 4 days after receiving his vaccines. Whether it was something from before he came to live with me, or I have read about a link between bordatella vaccine and pneumonia:

Bordetella and Pets

The Kennel Cough- Bordetella Vaccine Controversy

Maybe a lowered immune system from the stress of moving? We just don't know exactly. I can't help but wonder how it was not caught when he was at the vet, as he was there for full days to be monitored, but again he was asymptomatic and his tests were normal several times.

I did select cremation so that I can always remember our time together, no matter how short. His breeder is a wondering and caring woman and we were in constant contact throughout everything. She is just as heartbroken as I am.

Any thoughts? Have you ever read about a link between vaccine and pneumonia?
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I really don't like that bortadella. It's a terrible disease for any pup to get, but the intranasal is a live vaccine and they do get a very mild form of it. Phoebe honked for two weeks straight after we got her from the pound and they gave an internasal. Taggert got his too, and with him, he didn't honk, but foxxy got sick from taggert's innoculation and honked for about two weeks, and she was on prednisone for a reaction to heartgard at the time. I don't board my dogs so they don't get it at all any more.

With sick puppies you can absolutely go back to goat milk or milk replacer. the 4-8 week weaning is't completely set in stone as far as a liquid vs. solid meal goes. Some pups take longer to mature. If you need to keep a liquidy, mushy diet for longer, and the pup needs more protein, whey protein might be added, or even blood meal. I don't know, I prefer blood meal or straight up blood if you can get it (like the kind you get from the butcher to make black pudding) over egg for dogs that need more protein. Egg has enzymes in it that block B vitamins. Blood has more dissolved vitamins and minerals. Dogs are carnivores, so they can easily digest blood.

and no soy. Soy is actually hard on their kidneys. But as for the aspiration pneumonia, that can happen to any pup. Likely, he aspirated because he was just barely learning how to eat his mush. That happens all the time. The second thing that happens is that the pup's stomach refluxes because there is a valve that may not be fully formed yet and they aspirate the reflux. That's also too common and completely unpreventable. It's not a failure to thrive, it was just something that happens sometimes, and we can't do anything to prevent it. A dog has to learn to eat solids. Sometimes things don't go well. Accidents happen. But sometimes looking for the answer is actually more harmful. He was very loved for his brief time. That's all that really matters.

I am so sad for what happened to your pup. being a puppy is so hard. There's so much that they have to do and develop and learn in just a few short weeks, and so much can go wrong at any time with nobody's fault at all but just plain old bad luck. It's so sad when they don't make it.

That still does not mean you should listen to a junk science anti-vaxxer opinion like the article you put up there. as much as the vaccine is a pain in the butt it still works to train your dog's immune system. Bortadella is no fun. neither is rabies, parvo, distemper, and the host of other things in that combo shot. I know you are looking for answers to what happened. "Holistic" methods that include homeopathy to solve various "miasms" and "agues" are straight up medieval. pseudoscience is not the way to get those answers.
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I am glad your pups are doing well! Thank you for explaining that to me.

I'm definitely no anti-vaxxer, but I do have concerns with over-vaccinating as well as something that may be unnecessary. Now, I don't know if this is what happened, obviously I am searching for answers to my heartache as well as trying to come to terms that there may be none. It may just be a sad thing that happened, I agree. He was eating solid food until 3 days after his vaccinations and I found him hypo, after which he refused literally everything offered to him. Minus the lettuce and puppy teething ring a few days later. It definitely makes me question how/if vaccines affected anything.

My breeder has offered me first pick in her next litter, and I am not sure I will do a bordatella vaccine again. Or I may consider breaking it up and doing it at an older age. Obv, core vaccines like distemper, parvo etc are no question.
I'd get the 'core' vaccines and forget the bordatella. One of my groomers demanded that my dog get that vaccine. I got a new groomer! I had a chi that I got that vaccine. (vet really pushed it, I was going to a dog camp in vermont) The poor dog GOT kennel cough from the vaccine, and spent the week in my car, my room, and any other place the other 100 dogs were not! Fortunately my other chi did not get it, nor did my roommates Sheltie. I'm so glad that your breeder has offered you first pick next litter.
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I am leaning toward not doing bordatella. I'm glad your chi was okay, it sucks he got kennel cough from it!!

I asked my vet about the dose because I had read somewhere they use the same dose for all dogs regardless of size, and she confirmed they did but only used about 3/4 of the vaccines instead of the whole dose. Have you any experience/advice with this?

I am thankful as well. We were in constant contact from the getgo. I really value her kindness and integrity.
There is ongoing debate about giving chihuahuas and other tiny breeds the same dosage of vaccines that Labs, Boxers and other medium/big dogs get. Most if not all vets give the same dosage; period. Most babies get through the vaccinations OK. My 4 pound baby got really sick and needed fluids and medications. I doubt I will give her the 3 year boosters they now recommend. Rabies, unfortunately, you have to get every year/or 3 years.
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