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need food recs

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****' has seemed to stop liking his dry food. i have him on solid gold wee bits. what do you feed your guys and girls? he also prefers a small kibble.

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zoey started on nutro... got sick of that. so we switched to california natural. that made her gassy. :shock: so now we have her on canidae-- it's an "all life-stage" kind of food... and she seems to really like it! and the pieces are tiny so its easy for her to eat. :)
Just a word from experience! Poppy also had a phase of not liking her food and didnt eat for 3 days. I got worried and started to change her food but the vet put me right. he said that they do get fussy and that if you change the food, they will like it at first and then get sick of that too...little monsters! he told me to stick to one food and leave it out for 3 times a day. 20 minutes each time.They soon realise that the food isnt there all the time and that they had jolly well better eat it! It worked for us...good luck! :wave:
My puppy eats 'Royal Canin mini Junior' he can be a little fussy too
( I think most chi's are :D )
Fizzys mum said:
My puppy eats 'Royal Canin mini Junior' he can be a little fussy too
( I think most chi's are :D )
Just wanted to tell you that I love your avatar...I am totally in love with little Fizzy Dave, he is the sweetest little man! I love the look on his face! :wave:
Camilla , that's so nice of you :) "thank you "

your right my little man is amazing :D I love the way
everyone on here understands how wonderful Chi's are :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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