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Need Help/Advise Recently Rescue A Chihuahua

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Need Help/Advise Recently Rescue A Chihuahua.

My neighbor is gone and left this poor little male Chihuahua.
i waited a week before taking this chihuahua into my home.
i see it running around the neighborhood and at night waiting for its owner at the front of the house. but the owner is gone.

i have no experience in taking care of pets. please read what i have done and advise if i should do something different. thank you so much!

what i know about this chihuahua:
been in this neighborhood for 2+ year and seen the neighbor with it. so it must be 2+ year old.
owner left about a week ago. poor chihuahua roam around street for about a week now.

I have been feeding it chicken breast + rice + egg
when i first bought it home it finish all its food ( very hungry )

but today it only ate a little bit =( . is there anything wrong?
what should i feed it? and what should i do next? take it to the vet for shot?
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Welcome and what a sad story poor little thing,maybe take it to the vets for a check up.It sounds as if he ate so much in one go,so i wouldn't worry too much that he hasn't eaten today,you could buy some acana kibble or some Ziwi Peak they are good foods.I'm sure some others will be on with more suggestions for you.Are you going to keep him ?he sounds like he's found the perfect home
So nice of you to take him in. Will you be keeping him? He will probably turn out to be your best friend.
On the food...sounds like he was just hungry to me, and overdid it.
How nice of you to take this pup in. Hope he will be with you for the rest of his life. The food thing is what the posters have said---premade raw; ie ziwi peak, the honest kitchen, stella and chewies are great. Raw is something you have to really think about, in my opinion. Too much work for me. Is this pup inside with you? A first good step would be a check up at the vets. He probably hasn't had heart worm protection etc. Good lluck with him. Sue
So nice of you to take the little Chihuahua in! I want to know too, will you keep him? Sounds like you are doing good with him. I feed mine Ceasar wet dog food mixed with Royal Canin dry. Mine have days where they eat a lot, and days where they eat hardly at all. How is he doing?
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