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Need help on naming a pair of 8week old chihuahuas!!!

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I am going to pick up my 8week old chihuahua puppies next tuesday but although trying desperately i cant think of names for them!! One of the chihuahuas is a girl (brown and white and quite small) and the other is a boy (a bit bigger and silver/blue).I would love any suggestions at all!! Thankyou

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no sorry i dont have any pictures yet, but i'll put them on when i get any!
dharma and gregg (tv show)

will and grace (tv show)

simba and nala (lion king)

heckle and jeckle (the 2 crows from that cartoon)

barbie and ken (the dolls)

mogli and shanti (jungle book)

do you have a theme you are thinking about like disney movies? tv shows ect...
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i love will & grace too ...or pixie and trixie ...or salt & peper ......

kisses nat
I like Bonnie and Clyde!!!
Ans simba and Nala as mentioned above! xxx
You are sooo lucky to be getting two babies!!

I like peewee and Mi Mi, or mini me, and chi chi! :D

You are going to have a fab week deciding, it will make the time go by quickly :)
I love will and Grace thats so cute or what about :

Pinky and perky
Romeo and juliet
Ron and Hermione
Fred and Ginger
Pepsi and cola
Brad and angelina :lol:

hope this helps :wave:
Those are really helpful. I really liked:
simba and nala
fred and ginger
peewee and mi mi
what about mr big and carrie i love the name mr big wish i had thought of it!!!
aww I liek pepsi and Coke as suggested by Clare!!!! XXX
duh! my birds are bonnie and clyde i can't believe i didn't say that one!

star and astro (or similar astrological names)

ralph and alice (the hoeymooners)

sonny and cher (the singers)

harry and sally (movie when harry met sally)

elf and pixie
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I love star for the girl and astro for the boy thats so cute :D
Hmm, let me think,

Bangers & Mash
Starsky & Hutch
Brandy & Soda
Bubble & Squeak
Charlie & Angel (as in Charlies Angels)
Jack & Jill

Umm, can't think of any more for now!
I love Charlie and angel - thats so cute :lol:
chihuahua-lady said:
what about mr big and carrie i love the name mr big wish i had thought of it!!!
S.E.X. & The City fan? I LOVE that show and have seen every one of them. :D I only liked them when they were on HBO, I don't care to see them on TNT or whatever channel that is. :roll:
Yeh the astro names are super and a mix of weather names lol
sun (sunny - sonny)
luna (moon)
sky (skyler or skyla)
star (starlett)


lol I still like pepsi and coke! :wink:

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those are great Stef I love Skylar
ahhh, many thanks for your email today! I am so glad that you have picked up your two babies now! Daisey Moo is such a cute name, especially as she looks like a cow in colour! I know you still need help with the boys name. So to go with Daisey Moo, how about Mr Blue! , it goes nicely with the other name :)
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