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Hello everyone,

I am heartbroken that I am looking to rehome my 5 year old male chihuahua. He has been my best friend since he was a puppy, however he is not adjusting to my new job. I recently started working more hours and he needs more attention and less alone time than I can give him. I know that he would do better in a home with another small dog, or someone who is home for a longer portion of the day.

I ran into some trouble since all the rescues that I have contacted are not taking any dogs (and haven't been in the last month that I've been looking). I am located in Southern Ontario and I have contacted several rescues in other cities as well.

I am off work for the holidays, and I worry that he will get used to me being home, and then when I go back it will just be harder for him.

I am just at a loss as to what to do.
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