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I have a lady that I know on an online yardsale forum of mine. She has dogs that she has rescued and one of them is a Chi/Pug mix, spayed female that is 7 yrs old. She is in a panic as she does not have the money to take her dog to the vet and she is selling about everything she owns to be able to take her. She has hit some hard times. She gave me the symptoms belows so I am hoping that someone may no what is going on...

7 year old dog she is a chi pug mix fixed and shots update but in last couple weeks she is not acting right not moveing around much her bowels are not doing good etc i got up other day and there was poop in floor from her not much but was dark and slimy this morning it was white and crustie like it had been there for days but it hadn't she had done it in middle night some times she get down and go outside and pee or get some water i hardley ever see her eat also once or twice a day she will start to shake not like shake seizure like but in away yea its like that i also noticed that her back legs and hips want to go one way when she starts shakeing and her body and head is stiff also she squints her eyes it only lasts about 5 to 10 mins but it happens once or twice a day she went out last night and came back doing it then one day not many days ago i saw her on floor standing but her front paws where going side to side like she couldn't balance i can't afford a vet right now i have no money to my name u got any ideal or anyone that could help
its actually been about a month scents this started
some people said she may had a stroke not sure
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