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Hi everyone, I'm new here. Well, Chico is my little baby and he will be turning a year old on the 25th this it's time to start adult food. Well, I have been doing research on adult foods, and was wondering if any of you recomend any certain brand? My Chi has been on Nutro Max puppy since he started eating dry food (the breeder even gave us a small bag) and he likes it. But, I want him to be on a healthy diet as an adult, so foods with artificial preservatives are out, I want nothing do to with them. I was looking into Precise brand adult food, it's called "Precise Chicken Meal and Rice Formula," which can only be bought on-line or at organic food markets. This seems to be the best I have read about, but since Chico is my very first Chi, I want to know what you all feed yours so I can compare. I only want the best for my little boy, no matter what the cost of the food is. Thanks in advance for any replies. I like this board, and everyone here seems to know a lot about Chi's, so I'll be confident in what you all have to say. 8)
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